Unknown Pleasures

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"

Jia Zhang-ke's last film, Platform, was a slow, depressing movie about the sad lives of a travelling music company in a Chinese province near the Mongolian border in the 1980s. His new film, Unknown Pleasures, even more depressing, is about the next generation in the same place, late teenagers born in the early 1980s, all of them without siblings because of the single-child law. They live without hope and regular employment in a debased culture that abandoned an ideology without discovering new goals.
One boy tries to join the army, but is turned down because he has hepatitis. Another begins to think of a life of crime after seeing Pulp Fiction. A girl believes that joining a singing troupe promoting Mongolian King Liquor will advance her career but, instead, falls into the hands of a petty gangster.
Another teenager, more hopeful, escapes by way of a scholarship to Beijing University but is alienated from his boyfriend. The city they live in is full of the rubble of decay and unfinished projects and the two principal images are of despair. The first is a vast, dry river-bed that has become a wasteland flanked by dilapidated Stalinist tenements. The second is a four-lane highway, supposedly the road to the future, that ends without getting anywhere. Very honest, very sad.


to abandon - opuścić, porzucić

to advance one’s career - posunąć naprzód czyjąś karierę

alienated - oddzielony

debased - upodlony, zdeprecjonowany

decay - upadek, schyłek, uwiąd

despair - rozpacz

to dilapidate - zniszczyć, rozklekotać

employment - zatrudnienie

flanked - położony z boku

hepatitis - zapalenie wątroby

petty gangster - drobny gangster

rubble - gruz

siblings - rodzeństwo

tenement - dom mieszkalny

to turn down - odrzucić


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