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In the written part of the LCCI 2 exam you may be asked to write a leaflet in Question 1 or in Question 3. Below you will find a sample leaflet and a set of suggestions on how to tackle this kind of task properly.



You work for Mr Mauro Cappelletti, the Managing Director of a flower, fruit and vegetable wholesalers at Forchetta Farm, Cold Aston, Gloucestershire, GL99 90K. He sells wholesale to shops as well as retail to individual customers.


Mr Cappelletti calls you over to him and says, "I have just been told that for a week from next Monday we shall be unable to use the Retail Sales Department because a team of electricians will be re-wiring it. It's time it was done because the present wiring was put in about forty years ago and I imagine it's a little unsafe in places. I don't want to stop retail sales altogether for a week, though. Ah, I've got it! We can use the empty heated greenhouse just by the gate of the Wholesale Flowers' Department. Draft a notice that we can put up outside the Retail Department, will you? Tell customers why we've had to close it for a short time and where they can do their shopping. They've only got to walk about thirty yards down

Farm Lane
to the Wholesale Flowers' Department. I'll ask Mary Saint and her staff to come to work on Sunday to move their stock to the greenhouse. We must apologise to customers for any inconvenience this might cause them."


Draft the notice.


Sample notice:





Temporary Move, 15-22 March 2002




We regret that the Retail Sales Department will be closed from 15-22 March

for re-wiring. Customers can still do their shopping at a temporary location

in a heated greenhouse 30 yards down

Farm Lane
at the gate of

the Wholesale Flowers' Department.



We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused.



Mauro Cappelletti

Managing Director

9 March 2002





Below you will find some useful hints on how to tackle this kind of task successfully:



1.      You should start with identifying the kind of task – here it is a notice.

2.      A notice requires a clear heading at the top, briefly giving the subject and possibly an address. It must have the name and position of the person who wrote it at the bottom, and must also have a date at the bottom.

3.      The next step includes identifying relevant information. A notice is used to inform people about something, often changes of plan, warnings or instructions. In every case certain information has to be given. It is essential that all necessary information is provided so that whoever reads the notice can understand the information and act on it

4.      Often the information in the question is presented in a suitable order. Sometimes, however, information is mixed up and repeated or you may have to invent information. After you have identified the relevant information or invented information, make sure it is grouped so that points are presented in a logical order.

5.      And finally the time has come to write the notice. Language in a notice must be easy to understand. Full sentences are not always necessary in the headings but the text requires full sentences.

6.      Finally, remember about checking your work. It might be useful to ask yourself the following questions:

a)     Have you completed the task? (You have completed the task if you have presented the correct information clearly and whoever reads it can understand it and act upon it.)

b)     Have you included all relevant information? (Is all the necessary information contained in the notice?)

c)      Have you left out all irrelevant information?

d)     Have you grouped/ordered the information in the best way?

e)     Is the language appropriate for a notice?

f)        Have you checked spelling, grammar and punctuation? (It is important while you are awarded high marks for correct English)

Wyjaśnienia słów:

wiring - tu: instalacja elektryczna
greenhouse - cieplarnia, szklarnia


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